A retreat in the mountains of central Mexico gets 100% of its water from the sky

Project details:

Location: Temascaltepec, Mexico

Architect: Robert Hutchinson Architecture & JSa

General contractor : Structures Mic Mac

Structural engineer: Bykonen Carter Quinn

Mechanical engineer: Larger AF

Landscape architect: Helene Carlo

Construction and manufacturing in wood: MicMac Frameworks

Construction and steel fabrication: Rhometal

Water Systems Advisor: Michael Nieto

Solar systems consultant: Teoatonalli

Kitchen consultant: Piacere

Photography: Benedikt Fahlbusch, Cesar BejarJaime Navarro & Robert Hutchison

From the architect:This collection of small structures in the mountains two hours west of Mexico City incorporate the principles of permaculture to establish a holistic and integrated relationship between people and place. The retreat consists of a main residence, a freestanding art studio and a public bath. Rain Harvest Home’s three buildings each collect rainwater to integrate with an above-ground and underground tank system that purifies and stores rainwater to supply 100% of the house’s water throughout the year. year.

“The main residence takes the form of a pavilion that allows for year-round outdoor use, with more than two-thirds of the building’s footprint dedicated to covered outdoor space. The nearby free-standing bathhouses reverse this relationship. orienting towards the sky above and the water below, and supports four bathing activities: hot bath, sauna, steam shower and toilet.The chambers surround a cold plunge pool in the center and open to the sky. The three structures share a tectonic vocabulary of volcanic rock covering, foundations and green roofs.”