Become a digital artist with this $30 illustration bundle

It’s one thing to have the talent of an artist, but turning that passion into a career is easier said than done. Fortunately, video game developers, advertisers, and web designers appreciate professionals who can produce compelling digital art.

Nevertheless, before applying, you should be familiar with industry standard tools such as Adobe Photoshop. The Dynamic 2023 Digital Illustration Artist Pack offers the opportunity to hone your skills, and it’s available for just $29.99.

This online training pack compiles six high-quality courses from SkillSuccess, all taught by seasoned illustrators and art teachers. Each lesson contains exercises that familiarize users with platforms such as Photoshop and Procreate, and teach how to refine your style and use it to land creative work in some of the most in-demand areas of visual design.

The technical courses are all designed for complete beginners; all you need is a copy of the software. While some courses can introduce you to software in less than an hour, others, like CorelDRAW: Graphic Design for Beginners, take longer, offering comprehensive instructions on creating effective logos and graphics. You’ll learn how to create your art on a tablet and enhance it with filters, effects, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, you can dive into courses that reveal how industry professionals handle their projects. For example, Workflow Hacks in Digital Illustration provides time-saving tips, whether creating a simple web page or a sprawling landscape. And if you’re hoping to work in comics or games, seek expert guidance in two separate character design courses.

PCMag readers can get The Dynamic 2023 Digital Illustration Artist Pack for $29.99 — 97% off MSRP of $1,194.

Prices subject to change.

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