Black Adam magazine cover reveals close-up of The Rock’s villainous DCEU

Dwayne The Rock Johnson shares a new, up-close look at Black Adam as his villainous DCEU graces the magazine cover of Total Film’s December issue.

A new magazine cover for Black adam shows a close-up of Dwayne’s DC Extended Universe villain ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It’s been over a decade since Dwayne Johnson agreed to play Black Adam for Warner Bros. and DC Films. Plans for it to be Shazam!The villain was changed, however, to give one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars a solo movie instead. Black adam will be where Johnson makes his highly anticipated DCEU debut, which Johnson repeatedly teases, will forever change the shared universe hierarchy.

Due to the interest in seeing The Rock playing a comic book character, he often offered fans a glimpse of the Black adam production process. However, it wasn’t until after DC FanDome 2021 that audiences got an official glimpse of Johnson’s take on the DC villain / antihero. The first one Black adam The trailer showed Black Adam awakening in the present day, thousands of years after battling the wizard Shazam and using his own power to rule the fictional nation of Kahndaq. It was in this sequence that Johnson’s Black Adam suit was finally exposed, as was his willingness to mercilessly kill those who oppose him.


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Although Black adam isn’t expected to hit theaters until next summer, other promotional material has now been released. Dwayne johnson helped launch the new Total movie Subscriber-only cover for the magazine’s December issue, which features a close-up of Black Adam. The cover came with a possible line of dialogue from the film, as Johnson’s tweet sharing the cover puts it, “You’re right. Superheroes don’t kill villains. But I do. – Black Adam” Check out the new look of The Rock’s villainous DCEU below:

Black Adam Total Film magazine cover

It’s the closest look yet to Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, as the cover highlights the yellow glow in his eyes. Previous teases for Black adam either came from concept art or set photos shared by Johnson, which obviously didn’t include any visual effects enhancements. the Black adam The teaser didn’t even include a clear look on The Rock’s face, as it mostly focused on establishing a haunting atmosphere and cruelty for this new DCEU villain.

Now that Black adam is already on the cover of a magazine, it’s possible that Warner Bros. and DC Films are gearing up to really kick off the film’s marketing campaign. This is the next DC movie on the WB slate that needs a trailer since The batman has already had two trailers and DC League of Super-Pets, which also stars Johnson as Krypto the Superdog, also recently got its first trailer. WB has one of the most anticipated 2021 movie releases on the horizon with Matrix resurrections in theaters and HBO Max in a few weeks. It is possible that they intend to launch the first official Black adam trailer before.

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