BTS’s V Wins Hearts With His Latest Magazine Cover Photoshoot

The members of BTS have millions of fans from all over the world, and the number keeps growing every day. Each member has their own specialty, and fans are surely aware of that. V, aka Kim Taehyung, is one of the most eccentric and popular members of the Septet. From wooing audiences with his endless expressions during performances to making surprise appearances on social media, Taehyung surely knows how to grab attention.

Another reason V has a huge following is his baritone voice and striking good looks. Just like the other members of BTS, V has drastically changed his concepts and wardrobes and seeks to complement the ever-changing music of the Septet. Recently, the Septet member posted a few more photos of his hilt that had fans frenzied.

The new pictures

For the uninitiated, BTS member V is one of the latest celebrities to grace the cover of Vogue Korea for its October issue. After much speculation from the BTS army, the magazine has finally revealed the recent photoshoots of V, alias Kim Taehyung and it is clear that they are essential. V is seen exuding grace and style in all the alluring photos that have now gone viral on social media.

Picture details

A total of three photographs have been shared online which show the BTS member looking gently towards the camera. He is seen donning an all-white look against a backdrop of outdoor decor. In yet another photo, he is seen waiting outside a bedroom. The third image shows V close-up as he makes eye contact with the camera.

Check out the photos below.

V’s dating rumors

Amidst it all, dating rumors between BLACKPINK’s V and Jennie have left the Army baffled over the months. Dating rumors often become real, especially when it comes to our favorite K-pop celebrities. A few weeks ago, rumors started swirling about BTS V member and BLACKPINK member Jennie dating.

If media reports are to be believed, the duo flew off earlier for a vacation to Jeju Island in South Korea. This led many fans to believe that the two singing sensations were in a relationship. If that wasn’t enough, fans also circulated a photo of V driving a car with Jennie sitting in the passenger seat. Later, the duo were reportedly in New York at the same time, fans speculated. A few viral images shared by a Twitter user further heightened speculation later on. However, neither of them has confirmed their dating rumors yet.