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On August 25, Plan B Passport hosted the fifth underground citadel at Bitcoin Commons in Austin, Texas. If you weren’t able to attend the most significant event of the year, this article is for you. It had the highest attendance and retention rate we have ever seen – the Bitcoin Commons/Austin Bitcoin community event space was full from start to finish, and even beyond the end of the event. ‘event.

Underground Citadel is designed as the best place for Bitcoiners to connect with like-minded people where they can build their own tribes. Here’s a little insight into how this event came to fruition:

Build the underground citadel

We’ve all been there: you get your orange pounded and you discover a fraudulent monetary system. Then you start questioning all the other things you’ve been lied to about. You enter a stage where you go down all sorts of rabbit holes while wanting everything to burn to the ground. But, once you get past that stage of anger, you find that life can still be beautiful, and you focus on creating the life you desire.

The Underground Citadel is the conference where we discuss solutions that help us build the life we ​​deserve outside of the broken system we currently find ourselves in. We invite participants to come and find the signal that flows from Bitcoin and learn how they can create it. beautiful life.

find the good life

For this edition of Underground Citadel, we started with the foundations, basics, physical security, and derivatives of that – situational awareness, mental tactics, and threat recognition. How to increase your ability to be aware of your surroundings and how to counter any potential threats.

We delved deeper into the Ultimate Sovereign Individual Toolset including Survival Instinct, Pre-emptive Deterrence/Strikes, Deception, Evacuation, Extreme Focus and Awareness, Reality-Based Training and maybe- be the integration of medical training. In any dangerous situation, you want to create the mental model of appearing “big and strong” in order to deter any potential threat and have a habit of “breaking your routine”.

We then embarked on the hunt. Some might say we’ve even regressed as a society, since most people these days can’t feed themselves other than by going to a grocery store, farmers’ market, etc. We explored the ins and outs of why we should hunt, what kills you need to learn, and why attention is one of the most important skills you can learn. Funnily enough, presenter Jon Wayne Taylor actually explained how inefficient hunting is compared to domestication, farming, and trapping. This is until, of course, you run out of other options. He then explained why you need to learn tracking, spotting, marksmanship and butchery in order to deepen your knowledge of hunting.

Then we gave birth at home. This topic seemed to be the most mind-blowing for Bitcoiners. We had this topic in mind since the first Underground Citadel event, but we weren’t sure how the predominantly male audience would react. We really appreciate how Bitcoiners have welcomed this conversation.

We discussed why we decided not to trust our body to do one of the main things it was designed to do. Why have we let the medical system take over and numb women during childbirth? We as Bitcoinersm preach “don’t trust, verify” so people should do their own research as to why they will or won’t have a baby in a hospital and educate themselves on what’s best for their scenario, but not allowing doctors to scare them into having this beautiful experience under fluorescent lights in a stressful environment. In the healthcare system, you are the consumer and you are the one who should have the power.

Then, of course, we had to delve into flag theory and jurisdictional arbitration. In this underground citadel, we dove into how Bitcoin actually enables freedom of movement and as a group of people who value permissionless money, we should also value permissionless movement. From now on, we were born into a non-consensual monopoly and in a fiat world, we are unable to hold governments accountable. The money printer and the greedy “rulers” are what control the world. However, under a Bitcoin standard, people become the customers and governments are forced to compete by providing the best services at the best prices.

But, until then, that is exactly why we are focusing on “investment migration,” the term we use in the jurisdictional arbitration industry to describe immigration programs that involve investment or donation as a basis for obtaining a visa, residence or passport. This is why we encourage people to implement jurisdictional arbitration or flag theory in their lives. At Plan B Passport, we define “flag theory” as a concept of limiting your dependence on a particular state by “stacking flags” in jurisdictions that benefit you in various ways. We like to apply a market and capitalism lens to how governments currently operate and show how Bitcoin has taken the game of jurisdictional arbitrage to another level, which actually solves the lack of a free market between states. nations.

We then asked our own functional medicine expert, Dr. Oubre, to explain how to take charge of your health by unlocking your “discomfort” genome. I’m sure many of us have been on pretty restrictive diets trying to be healthier when we could have found out what we were missing in some tests and figured out what our bodies needed. He went over the five pillars of health: biological, mycotoxins, environmental (man-made), heavy metals, and emotional, and went on to explain why you should test each pillar. Biohacking after healing is much easier than before healing. Once optimized, you can then focus on reverse aging by unlocking your “discomfort” genome.

Finally, we got the quick start guide to 3D printing your sovereignty. Just like hunting, for example, tracking, killing and transforming an animal isn’t your first choice when it comes to putting food on the table because it’s pretty inefficient, so is 3D printing is an unreliable source of weapons, there is a steep learning curve, plus going out and buying your weapons is much more efficient. However, it’s not something you need until you do it, and by then it’s too late. When you don’t have easy access to water, you get a water softener, water filter, water delivery, and more. But you would only do this when you don’t have access to water. What happens when you don’t have access to water and you don’t have a solution either? The same goes for 3D printing. When the weapons are no longer on the table, you want to know how to print them.

You don’t need a passport when things are going well, but neither do you need cyberspace money and a censorship-resistant way to exchange value until the fiat currencies fall to zero and you lose all your wealth. You do not need a second means of travel document until your original means of transport is no longer in use and at that point, again, it is too late. As sovereign individuals considered “preparers,” anything shared at Underground Citadel was definitely a step outside of our comfort zones, just like any other form of growth is uncomfortable. So our message to all of you regarding everything we’ve covered is: It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Fortunately, for those of you who were unable to attend, we have recorded the speakers and their presentations. You can visit this link to access the recordings.

This is a guest post by Katie The Russian and Jessica Hodlr. The opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.