Camille Vasquez lands her first magazine cover and talks about her Latin roots

Johnny Depp’s lawyer spoke to a famous magazine about her work, her Latin roots and how she wants women to feel empowered.

Camille Vasquez, the successful lawyer who defended Johnny Depp with her partner Benjamin Chew in the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard and who after winning became a partner in the law firm that represented the actor, not only won the affection of the public for her determination in the case or her charisma, but also for being an inspiration to Latin women living in the United States who study law, just like her.

After gaining worldwide recognition, Vasquez, who has Latin roots as the daughter of immigrant parents from Cuba and Colombia, was the special guest on HOLA! American magazine to pose exclusively on its cover and talk about her experience working for Depp, her professional career and her family life.


“She was at the center of one of the biggest entertainment stories of the year. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Cross-Examination,’ the Hispanic lawyer became a vital member of the litigation team that ended the trial with a jury decision in favor of Depp,” the magazine wrote.

When asked how she came to represent Depp, the lawyer said she had been working on the actor’s cases for four and a half years, so it was very easy and natural for her to defend him in the controversial lawsuit against Amber Heard because of her knowledge of her past. She also explained how they broke the good news to Depp as he didn’t show up for the final verdict because he was traveling to the UK.


“The court was very generous in providing us with a break room which we used for lunch and meetings. We face the hour [Johnny]; he was so relieved, so happy and grateful. It was nice to see him smile. A friend of ours and I were talking, and he said, ‘I haven’t seen Johnny smile like that in six years,’ and it’s true,” she said.

The Latin pride of Camille Vasquez

Camille Vasquez said her mother is Cuban and her father is Colombian and they both left their country to provide her and her sister with a better life and education. When asked what lessons her parents left her, she replied:


“To stay humble and be grateful for all the sacrifices they made. I think hard work is something they instilled in both of us. There will always be people and forces that will be against you at because of your last name or your appearance, etc. For them, it was essential for us to learn the language.We are proud of the origin of our parents, but it is also proof that we are American. We were both born in California. I was born in Northern California and my sister was born in Los Angeles. We’re first-generation Americans,” she said.

The lawyer revealed that she speaks Spanish perfectly, as it is her first language, and that she loves cooking Cuban or Colombian food and music.


Feminine inspiration

Johnny Depp’s lawyer said she was happy to be an inspiration to other Hispanic women and sent them a powerful message:

“Let them follow their dreams and commit to making them happen. My goal has always been to be an advocate; I believe I was born to be a lawyer. I’m a little girl.When I’m passionate about something, I take it very seriously and think it’s about following your dreams, sticking to your instincts and not being afraid to be confident and doing the right thing.


If I could be an inspiration to other young women, especially Hispanic and Latina women, it would be worth it. In the end, that’s what’s important,” she said.

Article originally published in Cultura Colectiva in Spanish


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