Charlie Kirk Says FBI Intentionally Placed Time Magazine Cover That Says Knock Knock In DOJ Filing Photo To Show Deep State Is After Trump

From the August 31, 2023 edition of Real America’s Voice’s The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): There’s some breaking news that happened last night. The Justice Department that just released a file of a photo of Mar-a-Lago documents apparently just spread all over the floor. And if you look at a deeper level in this photo, let’s put the photo on screen, it’s very clear that our prediction from Monday is coming true. It is the Department of Justice sending a clear and obvious and intentional message to Donald Trump and his allies and to you.

What is in this photo, exactly? Well, the state administration posts this photo of documents all over the floor. Nothing necessarily revealing there, but there are two big things, and you have to look a deeper level for that. The first is an intentional placement of a Time Magazine cover. Now listen, they knew it was going to go viral. They knew it was going to be scrutinized in every way – put a photo of the cover of Time Magazine on screen. Photo of Donald Trump with all the Democratic candidates looking out the window and it says “knock knock”. It’s been back since March 2019.

To find? Knock Knock? Like we’re knocking on your door at home? No, no mistake that was put in there. Now, this is not for the purpose of the judge, this is simply and solely for a public relations move. This was designed for the sole purpose of trying to chill dissent. It’s so smug, it’s so arrogant, that the FBI doesn’t even try to hide its political bias anymore and I’ll say it again, they’re going after it. They’re going to seek an indictment from Donald Trump.