CNN airs replays in ‘Reliable Sources’ slot

A week after Brian Stelter last signed the abruptly canceled ‘Trusted Sources’, CNN aired a rerun of ‘Inside Politics’ during the Sunday morning timeslot — and will continue to do so while it searches for a replacement. .

Sunday’s “Inside Politics” show at 8 a.m. ET was rebroadcast in its entirety at 11 a.m., in place of “Reliable Sources.” There is no replacement in the works for the plum newsmagazine timeslot, a person with knowledge of the network’s plans told TheWrap.

In the meantime, the Sunday version of “Inside Politics,” hosted by Abby Phillip, will continue to air on the old “Reliable Sources” time, the person said. John King hosts “Inside Politics” weekdays at noon.

Poor ratings weighed on “Reliable Sources,” which had its worst year since Stelter took over the 30-year-old program in 2015 and was losing viewership despite a slight rebound in July. Sunday’s “Inside Politics” valuation data was not expected until Tuesday.

As TheWrap first reported, CNN has no plans to develop another media-focused show, and the network has not commented on its development plans.

When the decision was made to remove “Reliable Sources,” insiders told TheWrap that CNN’s new leadership was looking for a broader, less partisan view. The lack of a replacement plan for “reliable sources” informs of the urgency with which CNN’s brass wanted to shake up Sunday morning programming; many observers told TheWrap that board member and major speaker John Malone, who was not a fan of CNN politics, had a strong influence – although Warner Brothers Discovery executives did. denied.

The “Reliable Sources” newscast began its “brief summer break” on August 18, the day Stelter’s exit from CNN was announced. In his final August 18 episode, titled “The Future of ‘Trusted Sources,'” Stelter discussed the end of the Sunday edition of “Trusted Sources” and his move to CNN, saying, “I started to writing this daily newsletter in 2015 with exactly zero subscribers and as the readership grew day by day, it became one of the real joys of my career.

He then handed over the newsletter duties to Oliver Darcy.

“For the immediate future, this newsletter will be taking a brief summer hiatus,” Darcy wrote. “But in a few weeks, I’ll be back with a redesigned product that expands our coverage and reflects the complex media landscape facing our nation and the world today.”

Another source with knowledge of CNN’s plans told TheWrap that there is still no official relaunch date for the newsletter.

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