Coinsource deploys 800 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States

  • Coinsource installs 800 Bitcoin ATMs at Kwik Trip gas stations across the Midwest.
  • Coinsource charges an 11% flat fee and offers a discount to Kwik Trip rewards members.
  • Kwik Trip employs over 32,000 employees and is one of the largest and highest-rated family-owned gas station brands.

Coinsource, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM providers in the United States, has announced a partnership with Kwik Trip convenience stores that will see 800 ATMs installed in locations across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Illinois. Iowa, according to a press release.

Coinsource charges an 11% nationwide fee while providing an accurate, real-time price for bitcoin and includes all mining fees for completing a transaction. Kwik Trip Rewards members will receive an additional discount at participating locations.

“Partnering with Kwik Trip made perfect sense as it allows us to continue our mission to make crypto accessible to all Americans at incredibly low rates, especially at a time when traditional economic systems have shown weaknesses,” said Sheffield Clark, CEO of Coinsource. “It is our top priority to place our machines in essential and convenient locations as Bitcoin becomes increasingly essential to Americans.”

Coinsource would be the only operator to actively hold a BitLicense, making the company the only holder of a BitLicense of non-billion dollar value. New York State uses the BitLicense as a way to regulate “virtual currency business activity” and requires prospective operators to apply for a charter under New York banking law.

Kwik Trip is one of the largest independent convenience stores in the United States. Family Service Stations employs more than 32,000 staff and has pledged to share 40% of its pre-tax profits with its employees.

“We are thrilled to partner with Coinsource and facilitate easy access to Bitcoin for our customers,” said Kwik Trip Controller Dave Wagner. “We understand Coinsource’s goal of providing the fastest, easiest and most secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and how a key part of that is putting Bitcoin ATMs in places convenient and easily accessible.