Creative Illustration Covers Celebrate Tokyo City

Since 2016, Tokyoite project showcased illustrative talent and the eclectic experiences of life in Tokyo. Created by illustrators David Robert and Andrew Joycethe ongoing artistic effort features illustrations from artists around the world who have one thing in common: they are inspired by Tokyo.

“The original story was that Andy and I were living in Japan at the time and we met in the circle of the illustrator community,” David Robert told My Modern Met. “We were both so passionate about illustration and had many talented friends in our community. I was working as a graphic designer at the time and I was a fan of The New Yorkr cover tradition and the “fake” version called The Parisian. I thought it would be great to release a Japanese version and ask all the talented artists I liked.

From falling cherry blossoms to charming alleys, each fictional magazine cover features Tokyo-centric artwork and comes with the elegant headline “The Tokyoiter.” Many contributing illustrators are either based in Japan or have spent significant time there. While anyone can submit to Tokyoite, they require that the artists have been to Japan at least once, so that the project “stays as far as possible from the cliché around Japan”. As a result, these modern covers include less visible glimpses of life in Tokyo, like the unique vending machines and the routines of preschoolers.

Robert and Joyce hope that one day they can compile these images into an official book. You can learn more about Tokyoite by following their websiteand keep up to date with their latest artwork covers by following them on Instagram.

Tokyoite features illustrated covers that celebrate the diverse experience of living in Tokyo.

Artists from all over the world submit their illustrations inspired by their time in Tokyo.

Tokyoite: Website | instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos from The Tokyoiter.

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