Dwayne Johnson reveals new take on Black Adam for magazine cover

Dwayne Johnson graced the cover of a magazine as Black Adam, giving fans a glimpse of the DC antihero ahead of his film debut.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Close

Black adam will be played by Dwayne Johnson, who seeks to shake up the hierarchy of power in the DC live-action film universe. Now Johnson has graced the cover of a magazine and provided a close-up on Black Adam.

the Black adam the movie is slated to hit theaters next year, and it’s been a while. Johnson was attached to the role for a while and was even considered to appear in Suicide Squad and Shazam! at one point

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Thankfully, fans are running out of time now that the character is getting his own solo movie. In fact, the first Black adam The trailer proved that the character will make a big impact when he makes his DCEU debut. However, the teaser kept Black Adam mostly hidden under his cloak, even though fans got a clear display of his powers. Now, Total Film magazine offers a close look at Black Adam, whose menacing eyes glow a sinister yellow. “You’re right. Superheroes don’t kill villains. But I do,” Johnson quotes in his Twitter post, suggesting Black Adam won’t be afraid to go as far as it takes to win. his enemies, unlike Superman. .

the Black adam The trailer that was shown during DC Fandom even saw the character hovering above the ground, using his super strength to lift a fully armed mercenary into the air with one hand. Johnson’s Black Adam uses his abilities to shock the mercenary to death and turn him into dust, just before showing his invulnerability as he fends off the barrage of bullets that had been fired at him. Black Adam shows no remorse for his actions, killing his victims without a second thought, something fans of DC’s darkest films will appreciate.

Johnson was incredibly excited for this movie and constantly teased that his Black Adam is someone people don’t want to mess with. Additionally, Johnson teased a fight between Black Adam and Superman, which should excite any DC fan who wants to see the two titans battle it out on the big screen at some point down the road.

At present, Black adam is in post-production, which means the movie is being edited, finishing visual effects (lighting, power, etc.), sound mixing, and adding music. Johnson spoke about seeing the rough cut and made it clear that he liked what he saw, although he always asked for more to make the movie even better. Hopefully Black Adam isn’t exclusive to this movie and may be in other DC projects down the line.

Black adam is slated to hit theaters on July 29, 2023.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson / Twitter

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