Elmwood musician celebrates his magazine cover

ELMWOOD (WEEK) – A local musician celebrated a major moment in her career on Saturday, with her family and friends in support.

Ashley Bean is an award-winning singer and leader of the Ashley Bean Band. She is also the latest star to make the cover of “The Cover”, a Memphis-based entertainment magazine.

Bean describes her music as a mix of rock and classical, and says she hopes to deliver a message in her lyrics that others can relate to.

“I like to tell the truth through my experience and what I’ve been through,” Bean told 25 News. “I’ve been through tough times and I love to tell my story so that – whether it’s one person or 100 people – know you’re not alone.”

Bean started making music when she was just 10 years old, after she received a guitar for Christmas.

She recently won a “Josie” music award and is nominated for another this year. 25 News spoke to Bean’s mother, Christina, about what it means to see her daughter living her dream.

“I see everything for her. I want her to live her dream – what parent doesn’t want her child to live her dream? I just sit and watch what she does, and I’m just proud. Just very proud,” said Christina Bean.

Ashley says growing up in Elmwood inspired her to make music, and she credits many local musicians for helping her reach this moment.

For more information on Ashley Bean and her music, visit the band’s website at this link.

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