Enhance Your Drawing with ImagineFX’s Artwork Number

Learn to hone your drawing skills with famed French illustrator Moon (Olivier Menanteau) who created the cover for issue 203 of ImagineFX. Inside, the former graffiti artist who taught himself to paint and draw shares his process of creating elegant and colorful illustrations.

“As with the vast majority of my work, this female character is associated with various natural elements of surreal flora and fauna, alternately inspired by reality and certain ornamental jewels.”

Check out Moon’s workflow and techniques in this issue and change your art!

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Below are just a few of the many highlights from this issue.

Tutorials for Photoshop, Blender, etc.


Draw a detailed scene in Photoshop. (Image credit: Mariel Rodriguez)

There’s more learning with the workshops in this issue as Mariel Rodriguez explains how to control detail in an environment, Bryn G Jones shows how to model a fantasy scene in 30 minutes using Blender and Photoshop, and Justin Donaldson reveals how to perfect clouds using wet watercolor. wet technique.

Interview with the artist


Koyamori talks about his approach to painting in ImagineFX 203. (Image credit: Koyamori)

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We also meet Chinese-Canadian illustrator Koyamori who reveals how her imaginative watercolors capture the essence of nature. She reveals how untamed her art can seem.

She says this issue: “I love watercolor the most, because it’s imperfect and chaotic in my hands,” she says. “Paintings never turn out the way I imagine them in my head. The way the paint mixes and blends in surprising colors gives it a new and fresh feel.

Are NFTs worth it?


Are NFTs an art revolution or a crypto scam? (Image credit: Catherine Graffan)

The rise of NFTs is addressing this problem. Fashion or revolution? We uncover the facts behind the crypto craze and find out that it might not be all that was promised. Leading artists debate the use and value of NFTs, as we uncover the cost of this new digital currency on the environment.

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