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Manchester based punk outfit BULK ITEMS released their second EP chaos, a wry little commentary on feminism, social issues and a tribute to beloved places in West Yorkshire. The main thing with BULK ITEMS is that you never really know what you’re going to get, but regardless, there will be three things: shiny, cool and fun.

The opening title track begins with a countdown where you wait impatiently before everyone else kicks in. It begins in a rather cool, collected style before the classic punk trope of angry, screaming vocals comes into play, a style that is then matched in the chorus as all the instruments become equally loud and carefree. Then it goes back and the cycle begins again. He’s here to keep you on your toes waiting to see what happens next.

It’s a theme that continues throughout the EP; you can never relax, you want to sit and listen in anticipation of hearing what BULK ITEMS will do on every song. egg shells starts with a cool bassline and, in a nutshell, just stays cool to listen to. It’s a song that refers to the phrase of “walk on eggshellsto avoid a confrontation or express an opinion that will divide… but shit! Dirty Dick’s Food and Ale Emporium has vocals that start out in a slam poetry style before switching back to classic shrill vocals for the short but sweet chorus, again moving back and forth between styles in brilliant fashion. It’s a brilliant track for a tribute to a beloved food/music venue.

Conclusion trail Kick like a girl is a clear call for sexism and frankly stupid double standards in women’s football. A song that came out just in time as the Women’s Euro 2023 unfolded where everyone witnessed awful attitudes towards the shocking idea that women can play football and can – gasp – win a major championship, he makes an angry but stylish legend.

So what do we have here? An EP that pays homage to West Yorkshire, more specifically Bradford and Halifax, which are stereotypical grittier areas that aren’t really talked about, but still home to them. An appeal to sexism that happens in everyday life, from music to football, to the expression of an opinion. On top of that, each song has its own identity and brilliant style change, to make it what is frankly just one cool EP.

Rating: 8/10

Chaos is now available via Alcopop! Folders.

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