EPA invites nominations for Mobile Sources Advisory Subcommittee

The US EPA is seeking nominations for qualified candidates to consider for appointment to its Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee, including candidates who have experience working with biofuel processors and shippers.

The MSTRS provides the EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee with independent advice, guidance, and recommendations on the scientific and technical aspects of programs related to air pollution from mobile sources and its control.

According to the EPA, the subcommittee reviews and addresses a wide range of developments, issues and research areas such as emissions modeling, emissions standards and standard setting, air toxics, innovative transport policies and incentives, on-board diagnostics, heavy engines, diesel conversion and fuel quality.

The agency is currently seeking applications from representatives of non-federal interests, such as future transportation options and shared mobility interests; community and/or environmental and/or mobility justice interests; and the interest of state, tribal and local governments; interests of modeling emissions from mobile sources. The agency is also inviting nominations from representatives of supply chain carriers and shippers, seaport and inland port interests, and environmental advocacy groups.

EPA will use a variety of criteria to evaluate applicants. A notice in the Federal Register lists nearly two dozen such items, including experience working with agricultural producers (corn and other crop products, distillers, progressors, and biofuel shippers.

Applications must be submitted by July 11. Additional information is available on the Federal Register website.