Faith Hill looks unrecognizable on magazine cover with Tim McGraw

Where are you, Christmas Faith Hill?

The famous country singer appears on People’s latest cover with husband Tim McGraw – but most readers seem to agree it can’t be Hill.

Front cover of People magazine by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.
Fans lambasted the People magazine cover for Faith Hill’s unrecognizable appearance.

The “This Kiss” frontman is seen rocking curly hair and a seemingly over-modified face, as followers flooded the magazine’s Instagram comments section to inquire about where the real Hill is located.

“Find Faith … because it can’t be her,” one fan joked.

“It’s not Faith,” wrote another. “There’s no way.”

“I didn’t even recognize this couple for a second,” commented a third subscriber.

“It doesn’t sound like Faith Hill at all 😮,” wrote one shocked fan.

Others took a more direct route, speculating Hill, 54, may have gone under the knife.

“She looks like she’s done a little too much work,” observed one Instagram user.

“Wow, she did a LOT of it,” another theorized.

Representatives for Hill and People magazine did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw stand on a red carpet in 2018.
Hill, pictured here in 2018 with Tim McGraw, has not responded to criticism.
Getty Images for Country Music H

While many quickly wondered what, if anything, had changed about Hill, others complimented her ability to lean into her curls and grow older.

“Delighted to see her kiss his natural hair,” shared a follower.

“For anyone who says she’s done a job, she hasn’t! It’s her darker natural hair that she is kissing and if you zoom in you will see her wrinkles! one fan wrote in Hill’s defense. “They modified it a bit to [sic] a lot but sorry to disappoint, Faith didn’t do any work, she’s a natural beauty !!!!!