Fans Are Losing Their Minds With Robert Irwin’s First Magazine Cover Shoot

Fans are losing it after Robert Irwin appeared in his first cover shoot this week.

Robert, 18, who is the son of the late Steve Irwin, appeared on the cover of Australian magazine Stellar, and fans barely recognized him at first.

The magazine shared some insights from the filming and interview with Robert, explaining, “You’ve never seen [Robert Irwin] like this before. ⁠As the son of Australia’s beloved croc hunter, Steve Irwin, Robert lived much of his life in the shadow of his father, who died before he was even three years old.

Robert is the son of Steve Irwin. Credit: Shutterstock

“Navigating life without a father figure is a challenge for any teenager, let alone one who has had to do so under the gaze and scrutiny of the international spotlight.”

And fans can’t believe it’s Robert, with one caption: “Wow I remember him so much as a little boy, the beautiful young man he became, Steve would be so proud.”

While another said, “Oh wow! He looks great in this pic.”

And a third added: “Your father would have been so proud of who you have become, beyond and upwards.”

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: ‘At first I didn’t know it was him.

And a fifth said: “His father would be so proud! He turned out to be such a beautiful person inside and out.”

Others were quick to compare Robert to the Hemsworth brothers, with many noticing a resemblance between them.

“Is it just me or does Robert Irwin look like the Hemsworth brothers?” wrote one commenter, while another said: “In my mind he’s still 8 years old, then he looks like a long-lost Hemsworth?!?!”

Last month, a viral clip showed big Robert fan Megan Grass visiting Australia Zoo to try to book a date.

In the footage, which was shared on TikTok, Robert could be seen smiling as Megan called him “cute” before asking for his number.

Robert has since revealed he never gave the tourist his number, but said he felt “flattered” by the gesture.

Speaking to Stellar, he said: ‘I was very flattered by this lovely guest from Australia Zoo. It certainly means a lot!

Irwin continued, “Even though I couldn’t give out my personal contact details, I really enjoyed having a conversation with someone who really had a great interest and passion for the zoo and my message.

“If they’re not ready to put on the khaki and feed the crocs?” Dude, that’s not happening!