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When Haroun Adamu was younger, he wanted to be a doctor. He still wants to be one, but he’s also been bitten by the tech bug. He started following the industry for his personal pleasure in 2014. He eventually took a position as a technical journalist with android Font, where he wrote hundreds of feature stories on Android and ChromeOS.

Prior to his foray into technical writing, he wrote several sales articles and landing pages for copywriting agencies. He also writes for automotive sites like HotCars and Vehicle History. He even had an SEO meet at one point and followed industry best practices.

Haroun clearly likes to wear many hats, but he’s now decided to unite them into one project: his personal automotive blog.. It’s still in its infancy but could – wait for it – rival giants like Autoblog and Car and driver one day. His passion for medicine is still going strong and he is currently in college for an MBBS degree.

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