Horizon Forbidden West Fan Makes Entertaining Magazine Cover With Aloy

Forbidden Horizon West is a universe filled with intriguing tribes and threats, making it the perfect candidate for an interesting magazine. For those curious about what one would look like, an expert Forbidden Horizon West fan shared a fun piece of artwork that imagines a Cosmopolitan issue based on the world of Guerrilla Games.

Obviously, the inhabitants of the Horizon the universe probably wouldn’t have time to read a fashion magazine, let alone create one. Yet, if such a magazine existed, it would undoubtedly feature the series’ protagonist. Not only does Aloy have a unique sense of fashion due to her long braided red hair, but her hero role ensures that anyone in the universe would be interested in reading about her. For fans of the series, there’s a lot to enjoy about the magazine cover created by Reddit user Nitrosad.


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In the magazine’s cover image, Aloy can be seen posing for a photo, facing the camera and smiling with her hand behind her head. The Cosmopolitan logo and a gorgeous beach are present behind her, with her body covered in Tenakth tattoos. Although that would have been a pretty fun idea with generic magazine text, as the image alone shows the power of Forbidden Horizon WestThe photo mode, the many jokes and references on the cover make the piece much more memorable.

For starters, this fake version of Cosmopolitan is described as costing only 20 shards, which is the currency of the Horizon universe. Beyond that, players can participate in a giveaway to win a Stormbird Heart, one of the most expensive items in the game. Horizon universe and something that would surely be sought after by any of the franchise’s tribes. A fun date is also listed, with the magazine supposed to be published in April 3041. From there, fans can get an idea of ​​some of the fun items that are supposed to be featured by reading the text around Aloy.

Readers would receive advice from Kotallo on arm wrestling, insight into some Utaru hymns that appease the gods of the land, and advice on hair care from the “savior of Meridian”. The Telanah, Tenakth, and Shredder gauntlets are also featured prominently in this magazine concept, with each topic given a fun article title. Unsurprisingly, the Horizon The community loved this artwork, with many commenters asking for more covers and praising Nitrosad for being so clever. The post received over 3,000 upvotes, with Nitrosad even sharing additional article titles in the comments section.

Although there have been many great Horizon fan art shared online, from Machine concepts to alternate covers for west forbidden, this piece is easily one of the most unique. In the future, maybe Nitrosad or other artists will be inspired to create magazine covers for other video game franchises.

Forbidden Horizon West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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