How sources speculate Olympian Germaine Mason’s death caused her downfall

Nicole Lorraine Linton was once linked to Olympian Germaine Mason. After Mason’s death in 2017 and the fatal accident in Los Angeles County, friends believe their relationship may have triggered his troubling behavior, according to the Daily mail.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, Linton’s friends said they were in shock the woman they knew could be capable of such a horrific event.

As Blavity previously reported, Nicole Linton was the 37-year-old nurse who allegedly drove a Mercedes-Benz into a busy intersection in Los Angeles County. The fiery crash was caught on surveillance video and quickly went viral on social media.

Currently, Nicole Linton is being held on $9 million bail in the Los Angeles County Jail, where she has been held since being released from hospital for minor injuries she sustained in the accident.

But what do we know about Germaine Mason and her relationship with Nicole Linton?

Germaine Mason had two sons

At the time of his death, Mason had two sons, Jelani and Gemari, according to Flair magazine. Their mother is Mason’s longtime girlfriend, Shari-Dee Barker.

“He taught me so much in life and so much more in death and if I had to pick one of the most important things he taught me, I would have to say, cancel the noise and stay focused,” Barker told the outlet. “Also, always looking at the bigger picture and not getting derailed from my goals. We always shared that passion in pursuing my own businesses and when I ran into roadblocks he was always very encouraging.

He was publicly involved with Shari-Dee Barker, the mother of his two sons

Barker, entrepreneur and founder of the Gem Beauty Collectionwas involved with Mason for eight years. Her Instagram bio reads “GerForever” in his honor.

There is little evidence of her relationship with Linton

Whether Linton and Mason were seriously involved, there is little evidence to suggest so. The Daily Mail has screenshots of Linton’s social media accounts, which feature a man believed to be Mason. His face, however, is clouded, and the only evidence that Linton was involved with Mason is his own words.

Also, Linton doesn’t appear anywhere on Mason’s Instagram account.

There is, however, plenty of evidence that Mason was publicly and seriously involved with Shari-Dee Barker, as can be seen On this photo.

In 2017, Germaine Mason was killed in a motorcycle accident

The of Jamaican descent The Olympian won silver for Great Britain at the 2008 Olympics in the high jump.

He was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2017, according to The Guardian. He was only 34 years old.

Friends say Mason’s death led to Linton’s downward spiral. They recall that she was “never the same again” after his death and speculated that she may have tried to kill herself the same way he died.