J-hope Gets Magazine Cover For His Solo Debut, BTS Fans Say “I’ll Eat The Wallpaper”

J-hope is going all out for his solo debut, and fans can’t keep calm. As the first BTS member to release their first real album, we got the pre-released single ‘More’. The song is a mix of old school rock and hip hop and ARMY was impressed when it entered the Billboard Hot 100 despite no promotions. J-hope Chapter 2 is being celebrated with great fanfare as they also became the first Korean group to be personally invited by Lollapalooza to headline the music festival. And now he graces the cover of magazines and breaks the internet.

On July 13, ARMY Twitter was in chaos as W Korea teased its August issue star J-hope. Well, on July 14, we got the first of three covers graced by the BTS dancer and rapper. Looking chic in all-black Saint Laurent, block heel boots, dark makeup and chunky locks, J-hope is channeling early 2000s rockstars, which seems to be the concept behind his debut album “Jack in the Box.” Pre-orders for the magazine’s August issue begin July 14, and fans are already scrambling to get their copy.

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J-hope graces magazine cover ahead of solo debut

W Korea also teased their August edition with J-hope by sharing that the photo shoot will follow themes of a surprisingly new mood, musical summer nights, and an honest interview about the feelings and inner desires of the idol that unfold in a dramatic way. Entitling the number “My Precious,” the BTS star is ready to shine in glamorous, jewelry-studded photo shoots. J-hope’s debut solo album “Jack in the Box” and debut single “Arson” are set to be released on July 15.

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‘I feel dizzy’

Fans were excited as they graced the cover of J-hope magazine. One ARMY tweeted, “Damn, even the way he’s standing sends me into orbit.” Another fan said, “The article from w korea is named ‘my precious’ and I think about it.” One posted: “Look at the heels, I’m dizzy.” Another commented, “HOSEOK LOOKS CRAZY FOR W KOREA.” Another BTS fan added, “HE LOOKS SO GOOD AHHH I WILL JUMP OFF THE ROOF.” One wrote: ‘Hair falling over her eyes too I’ll eat the wallpaper.’ Another made a reaction meme, “Hoseok stans trying to cope with arson teaser, jack in the box, lollapaloza and now w korea magazine.”