Jeff Bezos shared a retro magazine cover criticizing Amazon

Amazon celebrated 27 years in business and Jeff Bezos took to Twitter to celebrate the streak with throwback photos.

Bezos started the company in a garage in Seattle in 1994, shortly after resigning from hedge fund DE Shaw. He had pitched the idea of ​​an online bookstore to his former boss, David E. Shaw, but he hadn’t been impressed. He first went public with Amazon in 1997, becoming the first man to reach a net worth of over $100 billion since Bill Gates in 1999.

However, Jeff Bezos didn’t seem to have much support when he started.

The creator of the e-commerce giant recently shared the cover of Business Week, which called his business a “risky bet”. In the tweet, Bezos also mentioned that he had the particular edition framed as a personal reminder.

While some Twitter users interpreted the move as a bend, others saw it as an uplifting message and a reminder to always believe in yourself.

After all, a little bending can’t hurt anyone, can it?