Kim Kardashian just wore no-ass underwear for her latest magazine cover

Photo credit: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin – Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to magazine covers making headlines. Remember her Paper mag photoshoot, featuring a bottle of champagne and perfectly lined up to fill a glass perched on her butt, that “broke the internet”? Yes, you know this one. Now Kim has just moved on and done it again, starring in another “whoa” shoot, this time for Interview magazine.

This week, Interview shared images of Kim on the magazine’s “American Dream” show. The snaps swim with Americana-themed bits and bobs, including everything from an American flag backdrop to a pair of tiny star-and-stripe underwear. At first glance, Kim is virtually unrecognizable thanks to her bleached blonde hair and matching eyebrows. Now, that all makes for a pretty headline-worthy cover already, doesn’t it? But it’s her outfit that really leaves us speechless.

On the cover, Kim wears a matching double denim ensemble with a cropped jacket and matching jeans. These jeans, however, are pulled down, revealing Kim’s underwear, which seems to be missing a very important part: the back. Well, turns out it’s because she’s actually wearing a jockstrap. Yes, it’s true.

When asked how she felt about her bold wardrobe choice in her cover interview, Kim replied, “Oh my god.” I loved it… The team was like “No jockstrap”. And I’m like, “Come on. This is what I’m doing.” I do best when I ignore them and do what I want. So, I’m glad we did.

The outfit in question might not be for everyone, but you have to give it to Kim, she’s pretty darn fearless when it comes to her fashion.

Oh and here is that pair of American flag underwear I mentioned paired with a leather biker jacket:

Yes, the Kardashian definitely doesn’t do things by halves and this cover shoot is an example of that.

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