King & Prince member Hirano Sho is “Cover King Magazine” for 3rd consecutive year

King & Prince member Hiran Sho won the men’s category of the “8th Cover Girl Awards”. The Men’s Edition of the Cover Girl Award”, is given to the man who released the most covers in 2021. Hirano Sho has won the men’s category since its inception in 2020 and for three consecutive years. For this, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Last year, King & Prince was the main personality of “Television 24 hours a day”, and had their crown variety program “King&Princeる.” They also opened Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts and appeared on the cover of various magazines.

Hirano Sho also made the cover of many magazines for his individual projects, especially during the film’s release period.Kaguya-sama: Love is the end of war” this #HiranoShoMagazineFestival” has become a hot topic in SNS. Hirano said, “Last summer I was blonde. One day my friend texted me saying, ‘The bookstore is full of blonde hair.’ Seeing me queuing at the bookstore is weird” he called back.

“I think it’s because of the support of my fans that I get to do magazine covers like this. How can I make everyone who picks it up think it’s cool? I was still thinking.

He was asked if he had a favorite cover or photo “I did! It’s a secret!

by Oricon