Kyalami confirmed for 2023 F1 calendar according to supposed insider sources

The murmurs again reach fever pitch for a local Formula 1 race. This time, supposed insider sources confirm that Kyalami is an official circuit for the 2023 schedule with a multi-year deal thereafter.

Image: Motorsport

Insider sources that haven’t been detailed also mentioned that the historic circuit will include a 5-year contract with Formula 1 and DHL, meaning if he makes a return next season, will mark his 3-decade hiatus.

All of this is still unconfirmed and no official comment has been made by Kyalami management, but after the F1 boss’ positive assertion Stefano Domenicali visiting the track not so long ago, we can see some truth in that – although the validity of the Twitter account above is also questionable. The representatives of the circuit remain hopeful to host the event although they have confirmed to us that no agreement has yet been signed.

Apart from a few small additions and improvements to the track, the Kyalami Circuit ticks most of the boxes required by the FIA ​​for a Grand Prix event.

Initiated in the F1 paddock on Twitter also mentioned that an official announcement can be expected this week as we are approaching the time of year when the Formula 1 calendar for next season is being finalized. The account in question further states that the tickets will likely cost around R5,000, which is equivalent to €300. It’s roughly the same amount paid for a weekend pass on the European calendar circuits although vaguely rumored don’t divulge any further details.

From 2023, Formula 1 will be gone from Kyalami for 3 decades, the last race to take place being the 1993 season opener. The March 14 race had Alain Prost on pole position ahead of rival Aytron Senna but at the departure, the poleman fell to third behind the Brazilian and Hill. Prost managed to win the race with Senna close behind and Blundell in third. The legendary Michael Schumacher was also vying for podium places before coming into contact with Senna’s car, pulling him out of the race. History could repeat itself next year with the the son of the seven-time world champion has won in recent races for the Haas Formula 1 team.

If agreements are signed that will bring motorsport’s first flight to South Africa, Kyalami management will communicate this monumental news in conjunction with Formula 1.