Low-key actor Takeshi Kaneshiro appears on the cover of ElleMen magazine

BEIJING — Takeshi Kaneshiro is known for being a low-key actor who rarely appears in the public eye when he has no acting plans.

Hence, her recent appearance on a magazine cover has sparked interest.

On Monday (June 13), Chinese magazine ElleMen shared the cover of its June issue on Weibo, which featured 48-year-old Kaneshiro with the caption “An Ordinary Man.”

ElleMen said, “Ideal happiness doesn’t have to be ‘ideal’ happiness for Takeshi Kaneshiro, who prefers to stay at home. Living the life of an ordinary man is happiness enough (for him).”

The post continued, “He’s not used to being a star because he just wants to be an actor. He prefers to focus on one thing and not take on too many acting roles at once.”

Several fans said they hadn’t seen the Japanese-Taiwanese actor for a long time. Others have noted that he is still dashing and has an aura around him.

According to Taiwan’s TVBS News, this is the fourth time Kaneshiro has appeared on the cover of ElleMen.

The actor is known for starring in films such as Lavender (2000) and House Of Flying Daggers (2004). He hasn’t been in a movie since starring in the romantic comedy This Is Not What I Expected (2017) with Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu.

He starred in a mobile game commercial in 2021, while his crime thriller Sons Of The Neon Night has no release date, although filming wrapped in 2018.