Method Man ESSENCE Magazine Cover

An unmistakable trailing destroyer is on the cover of ESSENCE and he reveals that his status as a sex symbol is something he doesn’t quite understand.

Cliff “Method Man” Smith is ESSENCES February digital cover star and perfectly seasoned rap snack tells writer Veronica Wells he wants to be ‘taken seriously’; no matter what it looks like. According to Meth, he trains for inner peace — not to be a “sex symbol” or a “pin-up on someone’s wall.”

“I don’t understand this shit,” the 30-year-old rapper told the publication. “I go to the gym for my own peace of mind. I don’t do it to become someone’s sex symbol or a pin-up girl on someone’s wall. I do it for me…People love attention. I’m like everyone else. But at the end of the day, take me seriously, not lightly…”

Hey Meth, with all due respect to your wife Tamika, we think there are a number of people who would “take” you seriously, lightly, hard, shaken, stirred… shall we continue?

We’ll just stop and let the reactions on Twitter do the talking for us.


Check out more quotes from “Tical” Tailored Method Man for ESSENCE below.

Source: Flo Ngala @flongala / Essence

Believe in yourself :

“Understand, I was a black boy living in some of the worst neighborhoods in New York. I always felt like I wasn’t enough. I was told from the door, ‘You don’t belong here.’ Sometimes even without words…”

On his transition from rapper to actor:

“Superiors, so-called gatekeepers didn’t have much use for a 44-year-old rapper… I guess my past has put some people off. Some people aren’t ready to give you a chance, especially when you ever had one and you kind of wasted it… There was a changing of the guard in hip hop I was cool with that I had to evolve with the company and if that meant playing , so be it. I was going to throw all my eggs in one basket…”

How do you feel about Method Man not fully understanding his status as a sex symbol? You understood?