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In our latest series of deluxe bookazines, the experts at MOJO guide you through essential Pink Floyd albums, songs, movies and books. You can order your copy from MOJO Essentials: Pink Floyd here.

Pink Floyd’s status as rock’s greatest visionaries is indisputable, from their beginnings as psychedelic pioneers in the mid-1960s to their 1970s albums The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and beyond. But how best to negotiate their revered legacy of studio recordings, movie soundtracks, rarities compilations, live albums and books? And what about their members’ solo releases?

Written by MOJO’s team of experts, Pink Floyd Essentials arms you with all the knowledge you need to acquire your ultimate Floyd collection. There are incisive reviews of all of their studio albums, from 1967’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn through 2014’s “posthumous” The Endless River, as well as compelling pieces on the film’s soundtrack albums that the band etched in the early 70’s when their future was uncertain. We also go track by track through their Echoes compilation, and dive deep into their Early Years and Later Years reveal boxes.

Then there are profiles of each member’s solo releases, including frontman Syd Barrett’s two wonderfully eccentric cult albums from 1970, Roger Waters’ prolific catalog after he left the band in 1984, and David Gilmour’s production, starting with his acclaimed self-titled 1978 debut. Don’t worry, Rick Wright and Nick Mason are also in the spotlight!

As for Floyd’s audiovisual performances, we uncover the extraordinary stories behind the band’s groundbreaking concert film Live At Pompeii and the extravagant 1980/81 tour to promote The Wall, later captured in the epic film of the same name. Plus, we recommend the best Pink Floyd books to line your reading shelves with.

Illustrated with dozens of rare and iconic photographs, Pink Floyd Essentials are a must buy for any serious music fan.

MOJO The Collector’s Series: Pink Floyd Essentials is available in stores and to buy online NOW.