My Boyfriend in Orange Manga Creator Drawing Live Action Movie Actor Birthday Illustration – Interest

Movie starring snowman Idol Group Member Hikaru Iwamoto Opens In Japan On July 18

my boyfriend in orange (Moekare wa Orange-iro) manga creator No Tamashima drew an original illustration to commemorate the birthdays of actor Hikaru Iwamoto and the character he plays in the live-action film adaptation, firefighter Kyōsuke. Kyōsuke’s birthday is May 15, while Iwamoto’s is May 17.

The film will be released in Japan on July 18. snowman Idol group member Hikaru Iwamoto and model Meru Nukumi star in the film as firefighter Kyōsuke and high school student Moe Sasaki, respectively. snowman also performs the film’s theme song “Orange Kiss”.

Kodansha comics publishes the manga digitally in English, and it describes the story:

Hot firefighters, now in the world of shojo manga! High school student Moe moved to a new town after her father died. Moe is already having a hard enough time fitting into her new class as she is, so she’s totally mortified when she ends up being “rescued” by local firefighter Kyōsuke during a fire drill…in front of everyone. school children. But the embarrassing incident could be a blessing in disguise, as gruff yet kind Kyōsuke gives Moe the courage she needs to step out of her comfort zone as she aims to leave her lonely days behind her. Without forgetting that she soon falls madly in love with him…!

manga spear in Kodanshait is Dessert magazine in May 2016, and is ongoing.

Source: comedic Natalie