New York magazine makes Feinstein look like the walking dead on magazine cover

New York Magazine published an edition on Monday featuring California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein looking eerily like the walking dead.

“During her 52 years in office, Dianne Feinstein believed she could use the system for good,” New York Magazine tweeted. “Despite everything, she still does.”

The cover features Feinstein behind a black background. Feinstein’s blue eyes appear to be ultra-pigmented and especially icy and piercing. Meanwhile, his dark red blazer juxtaposes frighteningly against the dark backdrop. (RELATED: REPORT: Fellow Democrats Openly Question Dianne Feinstein’s Suitability for Office)

Feinstein’s image is even more shocking when clicking on the attached link, which takes readers to the live site. The website features a young photo of Feinstein looking happy and bright juxtaposed with Feinstein in the present day.

In fact, a 1969 report described Feinstein as a “black-haired, blue-eyed beauty,” according to New York Magazine.

The New York Magazine article details Feinstein’s rise to fifth among female senators, calling her “both the definition of the American political establishment and the personification of the breakthroughs women have made over the past 50 years.” “.

The play also portrays Feinstein as a helpless victim of democracy.

“Children are being slaughtered by assault weapons that Feinstein fought to ban, while the Senate – a legislative body she reveres – can only stand idly by, ultimately complicit. States across the country ban books about racism as black people are shot and killed in supermarkets. After gutting the Voting Rights Act, conservatives are leveraging every form of voter suppression they can, while the Senate can’t pass a bill to protect the franchise,” writes the New York. Magazine.