Old magazine cover proves Bollywood is plagued by ageism

Just recently, Bollywood actress Lara Dutta said in an interview that actresses are often shamed for their age.

“I admit the industry is not being nice to you and not allowing women to age gracefully.”

Veteran actor Sharat Saxena had also said it was a crime to be an old man in Bollywood, pointing out that ageism in Bollywood was a threat that had plagued her for ages.

Recently, a Twitter user unearthed a magazine cover from 1984 that questioned actress Rekha’s career in the film industry past her 30s.

Obviously people then (and still) did not recognize the fact that aging is a natural process and certainly does not define a person’s caliber and abilities. The Indian film industry believed that a woman’s career came to an end as soon as she passed 30.

Reacting to the tweet, people commented that older women weren’t getting opportunities and were being quickly replaced by younger actresses.

But as someone rightly pointed out, things are changing for good. However, with 24-year-old actresses alongside 54-year-old actors, we still have a long way to go.