Penelope Cruz latest magazine cover

Penelope Cruz’s latest magazine cover, photographed by Nico Bustos, has been making waves (NBC/Getty Images)

A new photo of Penelope Cruz, shared by the actor on his Instagram account, became an instant hit with his fans.

The 47-year-old actor graces the cover of a Spanish magazine Photographs with a close-up of her freckled face, tan brown hair and bangs, wearing black and red.

Posting the image on social media, Cruz credited photographer Nico Bustos for the shot, recognized as one of the best photographers in Spain.

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Fans showed their admiration for the snap, with one commenting “She’s like heaven on earth” another with “still the most beautiful woman”.

A third fan commented, “You are (sic) freckles are the most attractive thing on the planet” and a fourth, “So stunning my eyes!!!”.

Cruz has shown off her freckles on other magazine covers before, including vogue June 2011, with a natural and soft image, and Seduce On January 14, with a more impactful shot, but which always shocks the fans, because we see her much more often without them.

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Actors Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem often star in the same movies together (REUTERS)

She’s also opened up in the past about how she keeps her shine, telling She magazine at the time, “I do dry body brushing once in a while; it helps eliminate toxins. Also, my makeup artist, Pablo Iglesias, used a jade roller on me on the set of our latest movie, and guess what? It really works.”

When it comes to her hair, she’s often in complete control, even doing it for other famous friends. She said: “I almost do it myself! I grew up in my mom’s hair salon so I know a few things about keeping it healthy. I know how to cut, color and dry people’s hair. I did Salma Hayek’s hair and makeup just before a first time; the house lost power so I had to do it by candlelight! It was a challenge.”

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In the post dedicated to his new cover, Cruz also tagged @competencia_official, his next film official competition, which will stage it alongside actors Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez, whose release is scheduled for February 25.

The magazine also shared the cover image, writing “Penelope Cruz: Our February Cover ‘Official Competition’,” giving context to the concept of the image – Cruz is the official competition.