Prince Harry net worth and sources of income explored

Prince HarryThe Duke of Sussex is the youngest son of Prince Charles and Diana, sixth in line to the British throne with an estimated net worth of around $62 million from 2023.

Prince Harry is the youngest prince in the royal family, behind his brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Harry is the son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh are Harry’s grandparents.

Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex married Prince Harry in 2018. The couple are blessed with two children.

Explore Prince Harry’s net worth in detail

Before Harry and Meghan became financially independent, Prince Harry accumulated wealth from funds left to him in trust by his mother, Princess Diana. His net worth also includes the Queen Mother’s inheritance and his former salary as a Captain in the British Army.

According to Forbes magazine, he earned between $50,000 and $53,000 a year while in the military.

The Sovereign Grant, also known as the Civil List until a decade ago, is a formal agreement signed between the government and King George 3 in 1730 to give his income from the Crown estate in return for a annual lump sum for him and his successors.

This includes expenses for their respective official residences and workspaces. The Duke and Duchess only got 5% of their funding from the Sovereign Grant according to the portal.

There are strict rules governing how members of the royal family can earn money. Under the ‘current structure’, Harry and Meghan were not allowed to earn ‘professional income’.

After the duo were stripped of their official royal duties, the royal couple have indeed become financially independent. They have established many professional revenue streams like deals with streaming platforms netflix and Spotify.

It is reported that the endorsement and production deals with Netflix and Spotify are valued at around $120 million.

Source of income

It’s obvious that as a prince, Harry was indeed one step ahead. His late mother Diana gave him a trust fund. Harry and his brother Prince William got their $30 million trust fund when they were 25. He used the funding to step himself and his wife out of day-to-day royal family roles and responsibilities two years ago in 2020.

William and Harry received an inheritance after the death of their great-grandmother in 2002.

Harry collaborated with Oprah Winfrey on an Apple TV+ series about mental health.

Harry is the founder of the Invictus Games, the international sports competition. He started the company in 2014 for injured service members and veterans.

Property investment

Harry and Meghan bought an estate in Montecito, by the sea in Santa Barbara, California, for $14.7 million in August 2020.

They took out a $10 million mortgage and paid $5 million upfront for this luxurious property. The Duke and Duchess have also repaid around $3million received under the Sovereign Grant to redevelop their family home in the UK.

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