Puebloan Jazmin Hernandez vies for the cover of Inked Magazine

A Pueblo native was recently named a quarter-finalist in Inked magazine’s cover contest.

Jazmin Hernandez — one of at least four Pueblos who entered this year’s contest — placed first in her category last week, so Puebloans can still vote for her to be the magazine’s new cover girl until to Thursday evening.

Pueblo’s Kellie Cowger, who was featured on The Pueblo Chieftain last week, Sir’Rae Gonzales and Ashley Marie Rodriguez did not make it to the next round in their categories.

“I thought, ‘I’ll apply, but I never win.’ So when I was allowed to participate, I was so happy,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez got her first tattoo at age 17 while a student at the Dolores Huerta Preparatory Academy in Pueblo, although the father side of the family disapproved of body art. She graduated in 2012 and moved to California where the majority of her ink was obtained.

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“I have always been into tattoos and after that first one I started getting more. I have about 24 tattoos and my favorites are the horror themed ones,” a- she declared.

“I have Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pennywise and Redrum (from ‘The Shining’) eyes,” she wrote in her Inked profile.

Jazmin Hernandez aspires to open a cafe with Inked magazine cover money

From single mother to son, 6-year-old Highland Park Elementary student Josiah, Hernandez said if she won, she had big plans for the $25,000 prize. She would like to start a small café as a stepping stone towards her long-term plan to own a café and a bakery.

“My father was a chef, so I am passionate about cooking. We would bond over cooking and baking,” she said.

In addition to working at restaurants like her current gig at Tejon Eatery in Colorado Springs, she spent a year learning the coffee barista trade so she could combine food and coffee in her future endeavors.

To vote for Hernandez, visit cover.inkedmag.com/2022/jazmin-hernandez. If Hernandez advances, there will be two more ballots after this week’s, which ends Thursday.

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