Ree Drummond and Daughter Paige Grace Pioneer Woman Magazine Cover and Fans Are All Saying the Same Thing

Ree Drummond and her daughter Paige Drummond are the cover models for the latest issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Ree and Paige celebrate the fall season by posing among pumpkins, and the mother-daughter duo are earning rave reviews from fans.

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond with her husband, Ladd, and three of their children: Todd, Bryce and Paige | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Pioneer Woman magazine

Ree Drummond shared the cover photo of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ magazine

Ree took to Instagram to share a photo of her and Paige on the cover of The Pioneer Woman magazine, with the issue celebrating fall. “It may still be 2,763 degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited for fall!” she wrote in the caption.

Ree continued, “The new issue of PW Magazine is now on newsstands, and watch! My little pumpkin is holding a little pumpkin. Happiness hangs with Paige, and happiness is cooler weather…and all the food and fun (and football) that comes with it!

Fans loved the photo and called out the twins Ree and Paige Drummond

The Instagram post understandably received a ton of love from fans, with comments such as “Beautiful picture ladies”, “Paige is beautiful”, “Beautiful mother and daughter and a wonderful number…a must buy”, “I have can’t wait to get my copy! You two are so pretty” and “Nice picture of her daughter and her mom!!!!”

Many fans had the same general comment about mother and daughter, however, many people wrote about how “twins” they are.

“Beautiful twins,” wrote one fan, while others commented, “My daughter said I didn’t know she had a twin!”, “Twins! Beautiful,” and “TWINNING!!! So pretty!!! And I love the tops!”

Still others have commented on how unmistakable the resemblance is. “Wow, same face, just different hair color,” one fan commented. Others noted, “She’s just gorgeous!!! Just like her mom,” “So pretty! She’s totally your clone!”, “Paige is a blonde version of Ree…so beautiful!!” and “She’s you. looks like.

One fan left the ultimate compliment: “Stunning…you could pass for SISTERS.”

Some fans wondered if Ree was sharing a pregnancy announcement

Some fans thought Ree’s mention of a “pumpkin holding a pumpkin” was some kind of code for The pioneer woman star becoming a grandmother.

One fan wondered, “Does that mean Paige has a pumpkin in the oven?”

Another person commented, “I had to look twice there. I thought it was Alex, pumpkin holding a pumpkin like in… [baby]… got excited for a minute, Grandma Ree.

However, Ree recently said that she is not ready to become a grandmother anytime soon. She posted a photo of herself holding a friend’s baby to her Instagram on August 12 and dismissed any idea of ​​adding more babies to the Drummond family.

“Does it make me want to have another baby?” No,” Drummond wrote in the caption. “Does it make me want to have grandchildren? No. (Not yet anyway please…).”

During an Instagram Live video on August 17, Paige and Alex answered questions from fans and Alex said she and husband Mauricio are not planning on having babies yet.

When asked, “When are you having a baby,” Alex replied, “Uh, no time soon. I mean honestly, it’s God’s will, whatever he wants, but I’m saying no time soon. Her husband agreed, with both saying, “We’re still kids.”

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