Selena Gomez reveals blonde bob on her new Elle magazine cover

The mission: Pop-Punk Girlfriend Summer with just a *hint* of Marilyn Monroe. Rating: A+.

For their upcoming September issue, spotlighting Latinx creations, Selena Gomez took over the cover of She Magazine. The pop star has completely transformed, momentarily ditching her coffee-brown waves and casual-cool style. Instead, she opted for a punky outfit that would make Olivia Rodrigo proud.

Lying on a bed of sky blue silk sheets, Selena piled on all the basics of a quality e-girl ensemble: silver chains, a graphic tee, a lace-lined miniskirt and tights avant-garde mesh. If she used social media, this outfit would go viral on TikTok.

The outfit was Well, but Selena’s hair was the loudest. Bleach blonde, chin-length and curled with that old Hollywood volume. Her romantic red lip and glamorous curls brought a touch of ’40s flavor to an incredibly 2021 outfit. It’s a mashup no one expected, but I’m 100% grateful to her for it.

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