Stone Ocean’s Jolyne looks back on a new magazine cover

Jolyne is the newest Joestar to take the reins of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures anime, with the first episodes of Stone Ocean landing in 2021 with a twelve-episode opening salvo, though the show has been tight-lipped about when we can expect the show to make a comeback. With Jolyne’s daughter sporting a look all her own, the Stone Free wearer recently graced the cover of a Japanese magazine, giving Hirohiko Araki’s creation a whole new look as her adventures in the world of anime are continuing.

When Jolyne Cujoh was first introduced in Part Six of the franchise, there was no love lost between her and her father, Stardust Crusader Jotaro. As Major Joestar decides to leave Joylne to her own devices, he shows up after Jolyne discovering her stand, Stone Free, and fighting for her life within the walls of the maximum security prison, Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary. In early episodes, Jolyne faced some of the series’ weirdest Stand battles to date, now trying to save her father’s life following his disastrous encounter with White Snake, the biggest evil Stand in the world. latest entry in Hirohiko Araki’s franchise.

Manga Mogura RE has shared the next cover of the magazine publication known as Spur, giving us a fresh look at Jolyne Cujoh after her major anime debut in the second half of last year, becoming the one of the most popular Joestars in the history of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and being the only female protagonist so far:

2021 not only saw the arrival of Jolyne’s anime debut, but it also gave us a special one-shot that returned to the early days of Cujoh trying to survive in prison via story,”Fujiko’s Bizarre Treatment – Whitesnake’s Miscalculation”. In this brief one-shot, Jolyne has to deal with a new threat to her life, one that’s far more controversial than what we’ve seen on the show to date and likely won’t be featured in David’s animated series. Production. in the future.

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