Tony Armstrong officially has his own magazine cover

It’s been a few days since Stellar Magazine dropped a taste of Tony Armstrong‘s very first magazine cover and sent the world – the world being me, in particular – into a tizzy. Well benevolent editorial angels published the full photoshoot and accompanying interview on Sunday and a few stunning content in there, including intriguing details about his love life.

Above all: fashion. Give Stellar‘s stylist a raise, I say. The delicious purple tracksuit and orange slipper moment? The purple gingham coat? The brown leather jacket with mint green trim, paired with white loafers? The perfectly tousled and groomed hair with the mustache of God? This smile? I’m obsessed.

Second, the tea. Armstrong has set the record straight on his relationship status — he’s entitled to his privacy, so he shouldn’t have to, but alas, he did.

Apparently there were whispers along the Vine that Armstrong had a secret wife. But she’s just a figment of the imagination of the rumor mill.

“If I had a secret woman that I’ve been hiding all this time, do you think I’d tell you?” ” he said Stellar.

So true, my best friend. In fact, I don’t know what I would do if I was famous and had an undisclosed spouse. It’s something I’ve never thought about and I suddenly feel quite stressed.

Enough about me, though. Armstrong also admitted that he’s not averse to boos, but the lucky duck must be a gorgeous girl.

“It has to be someone pretty special and I guess I have to be in a space where I can give them what they need as well,” he said.

But what to do you want, dear, sweet Tones? Penny for your thoughts?

“I don’t want anything…the only, you know, money worries I have are, ‘Can I pay off my mortgage and live the life I want?’ Everything else, I think, is superfluous,” he said.

“I just try to remember to enjoy the ride and not buy things when they’re going well. And not completely buy into them when they’re not.

A humble king delivering counsel of monumental wisdom. We are not worthy.

After seeing the words “Tony Armstrong” and “secret wife” in the same sentence, however, I think I was thrown into another dazed state.

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