Top 10 sources of information on government technology

Technology occupies an important place in the American government. It allows the public to communicate with its representatives and the government to manage its operations. Modernizing technology helps improve the efficiency and transparency of government. If you’re a government employee or a globally concerned citizen, you also need to be updated on top federal tech stories. It’s the best way to stay informed!

What are the major government tech news websites?

The government technology information sources listed here are the most trusted sources of information on cutting-edge technologies and innovations in government. They are useful for future technology executives and people interested in the field and what’s new in the field, such as upcoming projects, new features, and IT-related developments.

Executive Government (eGov)

eGov is a government tech news website offering a scope on the latest trends, innovations and awarded contracts in the public sector. Its coverage also includes cloud computing, big data computing, digital infrastructure, social media, and others. eGov encourages collaboration and innovation between government agencies and other organizations to ensure a more secure environment and use of digital assets.

ExecutiveBiz (Ebiz)

ExecutiveBiz is a daily source of breaking news covering trends, emerging technologies and federal funds from grants. He regularly publishes news stories on information technology, including:

  • Big data and analytics

    Discover the latest service and product offerings from experts in the federal contracting industry.

  • C4ISR

    Read news about control, communications, command, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance from industry experts and important technology news for warfighters.

  • Biometrics

    Read the latest updates on the latest purchases from government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Homeland Security.

  • Cloud

    One of the sections that tailor content specifically for government agencies and the rapid adoption of cloud services by the public sector.

  • cyber security

    Coverage of the latest cybersecurity services, developments and regulations, developments from thought leaders and major vendors.

  • Space

    Covers the latest advancements in space technologies used by intelligence and defense agencies, including space exploration and satellite communications.

Other technology areas contained by Ebiz are Deep Technology, Autonomous Flight, Integrated Network Systems Systems Technology, and Reliability Testing. He also created the Quantum Technology Forum to better understand quantum phenomena and their benefits to US government defense and national security.

GovConWire (GCW)

GovConWire is a leading source of information on the latest news on technology, contract awards, cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, business activities, executive activities, and more. It aims to guide industry executives and experts by providing extensive coverage of job postings, federal technology issues, updates, and IT budget spending.


MeriTalk consists of world-class events staff and a skilled editorial team working to deliver news, unparalleled opinion and stories for more in-depth and better government results in the technology sector.

It aims to engage federal chief information staff and their counterparts in industry, state and local governments at the federal levels. It does this through reports, stories, studies, news stories and training. Additionally, it hosts forums for industry leaders to discuss upcoming national regulations, cloud-based solutions for pandemic contract tracking, and technology innovation.

Government Executive Media Group (GovExec)

GovExec is the registered trademark of Government Executive Media Group. It is enriched with a resource of analysis, information and news on federal government executive initiatives.

In April 2023, it acquired Power Almanac, the provider of the most comprehensive and actionable information for business intelligence applications and insights for the benefit of state and local decision makers.

Additionally, the website emphasizes the activities and priorities of the Government Executive’s Media Group, highlighting the use of technology for improved and modernized projects while making them easily accessible to its clients.


Nextgov is a government technology news website providing new information on a variety of topics including local public health, defense, big data analytics, cloud, internet of things, cybersecurity, telecommunications and information systems.

It is a portfolio brand owned by the Government Executive Media Group. Nextgov is a major source of leading marketing platforms enabling government missions and strengthening the federal ecosystem to achieve its goals through marketing services and data collection.

Finally, it offers podcasts and interviews to explain how government employees and officials are using emerging technologies. These podcasts also include government activities and their impact on its citizens.

Government Technology (Govtech)

GovTech provides federal IT news and events for the city, state, and local levels of government. Its coverage includes insights from industry leaders on the technology budget, issues affecting the public sector, finance and emerging technologies. GovTech has an online magazine that helps solve local and state government problems by maximizing the use of technology and providing public leaders with access to reliable information.

Open Access Government (OAG)

Open Access Government provides in-depth insight into public policy areas around the world. This includes social and health care, government, research and development, technology and energy. OAG has a specific section for government technology information covering growing market topics. The section also contains a collection of articles related to online harm, data protection and cybercrime, as well as social media issues and related dangers and regulations.


StateTech magazine is published by CDW, a multi-million-brand technology solutions provider for the US government, UK and Canada. It covers technical issues relevant to state and local IT workers and leaders when evaluating and implementing solutions. Additionally, it provides best practices, features, and case studies in the field. Other topics included are data center, security, digital workspace, and more.


In 2015, FedTech was established under the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. He has provided a viable path for intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, and federal agencies by making technological breakthroughs and advice to combat natural disasters in technology. FedTech does this by collaborating with other agencies such as the Department of Defense, NASA, NIST, Department of Energy, and other research institutes.

To keep up with the latest innovations, FedTech offers the following:

  • Corporate venture capital programs

    Discover emerging technologies in line with the needs of its customers

  • Startup Studios

    A free program helping entrepreneurs launch their tech businesses

  • Acceleration programs

    Another free program that helps existing businesses form partnerships with government agencies to help them thrive and address issues that need attention.

  • Internal innovation

    Covers several topics to streamline innovation techniques from start-ups to more established organizations.

Stay up to date with the latest government tech news

The federal government is constantly changing and many technologies could have a significant impact on the functioning of federal agencies. The best way is easy; you can visit one of the news sources here to find out what’s happening on automation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and other general updates in Washington, DC!

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