Transform Magazine: Designing for Life – 2023

Ahmad Al-Saadi, Managing Director of Gulf Advertising in Business (ADinB), questions whether designing for life is strategically important to creating a successful sustainable brand.

We are constantly kept on our toes in the ever-changing world of design. The design industry is a pressure cooker for accountability, and we must constantly defend and prove its worth. Staying on top of changes is undeniably what makes successful, clear and forward-looking designs valuable, both creatively and commercially.

It is essential for creative agencies like ADinB not only to think about brands and exuberant design, but also to recognize and understand the needs, wants and expectations of consumers and how they will then interact with the brand, at the both in the present and in the future. years. It is crucial to ensure that you design and communicate an enduring brand that is emotionally appealing, responsible and can meet and authentically meet these expectations.

By co-creating the aesthetic, voice and overall impact of a lasting brand on its audience, ADinB brings humanity, influence and vision to every interaction. Ensure brand values ​​are visually, aesthetically and intricately translated while putting the customer first in everything they do. Live up to the “design for life” attitude by being more human-centered. After all, embracing a customer-centric discipline is what truly guarantees a brand’s success.

With over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, I have witnessed an undeniable change in the design scene where the need for a more humanitarian approach was born. The designs had to be more appealing and captivating to the audience, while constantly evolving and taking a holistic approach as we live in an ever-changing world.

Designing for life means we help our customers look beyond the present or the current trend; we insist on the fact that a long-term vision of people’s needs is a necessity. It is no longer affordable to focus only on immediate problems. By evaluating and focusing on certain life changes and patterns, we can easily discern how designs will be successful and appropriate for people’s lives now and in the future. ADinB introduces innovative solutions for visual communication: creating a universe that envelops the consumer, connecting them to the brand, subject or design in question, provoking emotion through sound, movement and visual expression.

Creative communication is not one-dimensional, but rather has multiple facets, each of which must be optimized as equally as possible to achieve the best relationship with the target audience. As we prepare future-proof designs for consumers’ lives, we also focus on connecting communities, growing businesses, brand sustainability and sustainability. Ultimately, a brand is nothing if people aren’t able to connect with it or develop an interest in it. This is why design for life should not only be seen as a modern approach in today’s design scene, but as a necessity for the future.