Transform magazine: Fellow Studio designs the identity of goodcarbon Capital – 2023

Sustainability being deeply embedded in GCC, the agency used color and photography to represent this theme. Scaling photography, from highlighting macro areas of landscapes and human action to micro details of natural textures, helps signal sustainability. The predominantly blue color palette (a nod to the brand’s Blue Carbon initiatives) was initially comprised of only natural colors before Fellow adjusted it to add more vibrancy and vibrancy, making it more suitable for technology.

Crump adds, “To navigate the tonal balance, we combined two sectors that have strong color associations to work together harmoniously, introducing a vibrancy linked to the technology sector while remaining natural in the base tones. We have provided a modern aesthetic for the brand that has character and personality. With the brand supporting ocean and land initiatives, it was important that the photography visually depict the sustainable funds and their actions, highlighting the good that is being achieved.

Fellow, who was also responsible for rolling out key marketing and communications materials, also supported GCC by producing messaging and editorial guidance to ensure its brand launch was human and relevant across all visual communications. and verbal.