Transform Magazine: Rebranding in the Pandemic – 2023

Patrick Honein, founder of integrated marketing agency Sputnik Floyd, discusses his company’s highly successful project with the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism and Development Authority which won two gold, one silver and one bronze at the Transform 2023 MEA Awards. Patrick also explains why his agency is moving with the times and getting involved with NFTs and the Metaverse.

The massive adoption of digital media around the world over the past two decades has led to an irreversible transformation in branding. Either you are fully aware of this or you are a dinosaur with a big binary code meteor heading straight for you. Consumers are now in constant conversation with each other and with the brands themselves.

As marketing and communications experts, we understand that wholeheartedly embracing this evolution is not just a matter of survival. It is also crucial to be part of the industry and make positive changes in it, explore new trends and set an example for others.

This is precisely the approach Sputnik Floyd took during the rebranding project for our client, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism and Development Authority. The resulting strategic pillars – evolution, progress and development – ​​are synonymous with the tone and values ​​with which we believe the branding practice must actively work to be associated.

From fostering brand-consumer connections to being flexible, welcoming and down-to-earth, we set out to make RAK a beacon and benchmark for what a modern and engaging should look, sound and feel.

And at the center of it all is the Kashida – the stretching line that connects two parts of an Arabic word. He inspired the new RAK logo as a way to link strategic pillars, as well as stakeholders and audiences, to the essence of the brand. Our resulting creation – the RAK-KASHIDA – represents the intimate connection between the brand and the experiences visitors can enjoy in the emirate.

In other words, the integrity of our strategic approach is firmly rooted in relevance, the most valuable insights and the rich culture of the destination the brand represents. Culture is a living, breathing, dynamic and adaptive creature, just like the people who shape it in their most passionate image and beliefs. It is also the symbol of a diverse geography and the natural environment that plays a vital role in its formation.

This type of vibrancy and inclusiveness is exactly what Sputnik Floyd strives to emulate. Although we have a lot to say about branding, our horizons are much broader. Our offering includes 360 degree communication, full multimedia services, web design and social media, to name a few.

But what really excites us is the future. As a progressive, adaptive, and ever-curious company, Sputnik Floyd recently began accepting payments from customers for some of the aforementioned services in cryptocurrency.

KryptoKom (a pseudonym for “communications services sold in cryptocurrency”) is an evolving idea, as we explore potential partnerships that will make large-scale implementation a reality. With KryptoKom, Sputnik Floyd is one of the first agencies in the world to make this quantum leap in the industry, targeting technology investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We are also involved in building an NFT project in the UAE, which will provide our team with an invaluable opportunity to expand our knowledge and expertise on the subject, making Sputnik Floyd the partner of choice for clients wishing to join the NFT revolution and metaverse.

Ultimately, we hope to inspire more businesses and brands to truly embrace the inevitability of change. And we look forward to giving our customers and partners across the region the edge they deserve and expect.

Sputnik Floyd is on the march to lead a new era in tomorrow’s branding and communication. We invite you all to join us on this crazy ride.