Transform magazine: Transform Awards MEA 2023 open for registration – 2023

Celebrating its 10th anniversary of rebranding and brand development across the region, Transform is proud to re-announce the launch of its MEA rewards program. With the belief that brand excellence can be found in every city, country and region, the awards aim to recognize best practices in corporate, product and global brand development work.

The 2023 edition of the awards program was embodied by the very high quality of the work presented. No project was more highlighted than with Grand Prize winners AD Ports Group and Saffron Brand Consultants, whose brilliant work also won five gold medals. This trend is set to continue next year in a region where branding work has really flourished.

As always, the independent judging panel that creates the shortlist is made up of experts from the worlds of branding, marketing and corporate communications. They will dissect each project before deciding on the best in the areas of strategy, execution, content and evaluation.

Andrew Thomas, Publisher of Transform and Founder of the Awards, said: “Over the past 10 years of hosting the Transform Awards in the Middle East and Africa, we at Transform have been delighted to see the remarkable growth in the development of brand in the region and reflect that success in our rewards programs. We look forward to continuing our celebration of the transformative power of branding, creativity and design at the Transform Awards MEA 2023.”

Any organization can participate in the Transform Awards, provided the strategy or execution was developed, launched or completed between July 2021 and January 2023. The 2023 edition of the awards will see the introduction of three exciting new categories, including “Best Social Media Brand Expression” and “Best Employer Brand”. The “Special Recognition” section also confirms the additions of “Brand Strategist of the Year”, “Creative Director of the Year” and “Young the year”.

Entries will be accepted until December 15, 2023, with a late entry deadline applying until January 12, 2023. Subscribers to Transform magazine are eligible for a $150 discount off the total cost of the registration and receive a fifth entry free by applying before the early bird registration deadline of October 20. . Meanwhile, non-magazine subscribers can apply by the same deadline to receive $100 off the full cost of admission. You can subscribe to Transform magazine here.

The full list of fees is available here. To help you craft your winning submissions, download the entry guide.

The complete list of categories and their definitions can be found on the categories page. Any other questions regarding the Transform Awards MEA can be sent to Lauren Dicher who will be happy to help you.