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TWICE’s Tzuyu

To no one’s surprise, the camera loved TWICE’s Tzuyu and she killed every concept given to her.

Although Tzuyu has posed for album covers and magazines with the other TWICE members before, she revealed that she was really nervous about doing her very first solo magazine photo shoot.

Tzuyu said she was afraid of being awkward during the photo shoot, but she had nothing to worry about at all. As the photoshoot was just perfect, it shows how much the camera loves TWICE’s maknae.

Tzuyu even thanked her photographer for giving her great directions and taking great photos of her.

Additionally, during L’Officiel’s photoshoot, Tzuyu talked about her very first photoshoot and recalled how much she’s grown since then. She remembers being very tense and not knowing what to do, which is not surprising for artists who are not yet familiar with the camera.

This time around, TWICE’s Tzuyu showed his growth compared to before. She did so well during the photo shoot that even she was surprised at the result of the photos.

Needless to say, Tzuyu served fans with his ultimate visuals as his shoot with L’Officiel was nothing short of amazing.

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