Vaskange’s Endless Illustration | Collateral

hashirah Yamamoto is a photographer, but he also describes himself as a traveler and researcher. During his career as an artist, he visited 41 countries and 161 cities around the world, in which he shot some of his photo series, to tell stories i cultures and all the incredible people he met. Over the years, he took a close look at his native Japan, cultivating a passion for the traditional landscapes along the Silk Road.
Yamamoto in his Asuka reinterpreted the tradition of historic Japanese buildings through an infrared lens, creating a dialogue between ancient and contemporary Japan with an effect that immerses traditional temples and gardens in a glitchy, vaporwave world.

The saturated colors of the photos alter the perception of a solid tradition which, in some respects, has remained intact over the centuries. The cultural references are not altered, the architectures are not emptied of meaning, but rather taken in a new contemporary form. Hashira Yamamoto had precisely the objective with this infrared lens to further sublimate the calm and contemplative magic that testifies to the spirituality inherent in the places photographed.