When fashion and surface design meet in illustration – The Connector

Victoria Decembert, also known as Vicki Decem, is an upcoming BFA Illustration graduate student. Her work focuses on surface design and fashion illustration. She enjoys creating works that focus on things like the ocean, astronomy, and astrology, as well as other dreamlike elements. Decembert uses saturated and complementary colors in most of her work and aims to combine her illustrations with fashion in a unique way, as these are her most sought after areas of work.

It’s hard not to recognize Decembert’s whimsical style because of her unique traits. Often, Decembert also illustrates drool-worthy foods and sweets using bright colors. As a self-proclaimed “color wheel enthusiast,” the work of the fourth-year SCAD student is always something to look forward to.

“Congratulations.” Illustrated by Victoria Decembert, 2023.

Illustrated as a faux fashion cover for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Decembert uses a complementary palette to create a vibrant piece, emulating the work of iconic classic French illustrator Erté for the same magazine in the early 1900s.

“Electric Stars”. Illustrated by Victoria Decembert, 2021.

This artwork was created as part of an advertising campaign for the Decembert brand and features a similar color palette to the previous artwork, full of rich blues and purples to complement the warm yellows and oranges. Decembert’s masterful techniques and use of color create a sense of wonder and fantasy to set the mood.

Golden hour. Illustrated by Victoria Decembert, 2021.

Made for a historical illustration class, “Golden Hour” is a surface illustration meant to be tiled as a perfect pattern for scaling. The man and woman are Decembert’s revamped designs of characters from classic 1900s America illustrations, the ‘Arrow Collar Man’, popularized and created by JC Leyendecker and the ‘Gibson Girl’, created by Charles Dana Gibson, both of which are meant to be visual representations. of the ideal style for Americans during their periods.

If you want to know more about Decembert’s dynamic work, you can find her on her Instagram @vickidecem.