Why is Gigi Hadid turning down magazine cover opportunities?

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has revealed she turned down several opportunities to pose on magazine covers.

In her latest chat with an international publication, the 26-year-old model revealed that she’s turned down a lot of magazine cover opportunities lately because she’s no longer interested in “just selling clothes.”

Gigi mentioned, “I’m getting to that point in my career where I don’t just have to take the jobs where I just sell clothes. Now I’m like, ‘What the hell have I got? not Finished?’.

“There are magazines I say no to because I’d rather another girl have the opportunity to have that cover. I don’t need to do the same cover again if someone else’s career could skyrocket because of it,” the celeb revealed.

Additionally, addressing change from the current perspective of the glamor industry, the elder Hadid said, “I’ve always been crafty. I think that translates to how I see modeling now. When I go to a set, I don’t just think of myself and the photographer.

“I think at all levels. Maybe it will lead to something in the future, like having a production company or being a creative director. I love coming up with concepts,” she concluded, “At the start of your career, you don’t have the ability to do that.”

In the same conversation, Hadid, who is followed by more than 72 million users on Instagram, also opened up about her confidential TikTok profile. “I have a secret TikTok, which I don’t post on, and I don’t follow anyone I know on it,” she said.