Why Ree Drummond Says ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Magazine’s Latest Cover Is “Hands Down My Favorite”

Ree Drummond said she was a fan of The Pioneer Woman magazine’s latest cover, in part because it featured her son Todd. Drummond revealed another fun reason why this cover photo is also a favorite.

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Ree Drummond explained why ‘Pioneer Woman’ magazine’s latest cover is ‘by far my favorite’

On September 6, Drummond took to Instagram to share a special cover of The Pioneer Woman magazine.

“By far my favorite cover for two big reasons: Todd and the Huskies,” she wrote in the caption. “Also, I’m just here to standardize hair dye to match school colors. Go Dawgs!! (Photo by best @buffland).

The comments section was flooded with sweet messages including, “Adorable mom and son,” “Beautiful blanket! Come on Huskies and good luck Todd,” “Amazing pic,” and “So beautiful!”

Drummond’s daughter Alex commented, “Love these photos.”

When a fan asked, “Wait… That’s not your natural hair color????”, Drummond replied, “I mean…”

Ree Drummond’s magazine cover left some fans nostalgic

The magazine’s cover left many fans nostalgic and some expressed surprise at remembering Todd from the early days of The pioneer woman.

“Best cover ever!! I can’t believe how grown up all the kids are! I remember tiny pictures of Todd from your blog at the time!” a fan wrote.

Other commenters asked, “Wow, where’s the time going?” and “How did this little boy get so big?”

Another person shared their shock, “One second,” they wrote. “The man standing next to you is Todd, Little Toddie??? What??”

One fan noted, “I watched your cooking show for years and always loved when Todd made an appearance. He was so adorable as a little boy and has grown into a handsome young man!”

Drummond loves the way football brings the family together

Friday night football is a big Drummond family tradition and the Food Network host recently shared her appreciation for the game.

On September 5, the Food Network host took to Instagram to share a photo of her nephew Stu, daughter Alex and son-in-law Mauricio at a game.

“They have their friends, their jobs, their college classes and their lives…but on Friday nights in the fall, they’re Huskie fans,” Drummond wrote. “They go home and show up!! Thank goodness for football.

Todd’s football photos were featured in a blog post on The Pioneer Woman website

In August, The Pioneer Woman website dedicated a blog post to Todd’s senior year of high school football. There were a number of photos of Todd in action as well as quotes from one of his biggest fans – his mother.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication Todd has shown,” Drummond shared in the post.

The writer noted, “And she’s not afraid to show it: any Friday night in the fall, you can find her in the stands ringing bells and cheering like crazy.”

The pioneer woman star gushed: “What can I say? I’m a Todd – and Huskies – fan for life!

She added, “There’s nothing more thrilling and thrilling than Friday night football games in a small town. There’s nothing more stressful for a quarterback’s mother than games. Friday night football!

Todd said his enthusiasm for the game was off the charts. “On a scale of one to 10, she hits an 11,” he explained.

Todd also gave insight into his focus during games. “When I’m playing, I don’t think about anything but what’s going on between those white lines on the pitch, but it’s so nice to know that my mum has my back,” he explained.

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