Articles by Moustafa Amin – Bitcoin Magazine

Moustafa Amin is a technology leader with over 20 years of professional experience in large organizations, service providers and telecommunications operators.

Throughout his professional career, Moustafa has managed elite groups of highly skilled professionals, developed numerous business opportunities, and delivered multiple courses, workshops, and bootcamps.

At the end of 2014, Moustafa came across the Bitcoin whitepaper, he was intrigued by every aspect of the technology, specifically the true decentralized ledger that no one controls. Immediately after, he started thinking about ways to leverage Bitcoin to solve countless “one-stop” problems in the field of data networks.

At first he threw his first thoughts into a published book and some papers offering innovative solutions on how blockchain in general could be effectively combined with data networking technologies, but then realized the associated risks. to the generalization of the concept of “blockchain”. focus only on bitcoin.

Moustafa spares no effort to promote the hidden values ​​of Bitcoin (other than the apparent monetary value) and how Bitcoin can be leveraged to better change many solutions and technologies that we take for granted and don’t believe could be changed or modified.

More importantly, Moustafa is a Bitcoin HODLER with diamond hands.