Top 10 sources of information on public procurement

Government contractors keep abreast of industry trends and breaking news by monitoring various sources. These references provide information, analysis and opinions on new contracts, market trends and regulatory changes directly affecting federal contractors. This blog post lists top sources of government information for staying informed about government contracts. They provide insider information on trends, analysis of political news and coverage of recent events. You can also subscribe to their mailing lists for daily newsletters. Continue reading!

List of the top 10 sources of information on public procurement

Federal contracting efforts are complex and far-reaching. It is therefore important to understand the landscape. Here are some of the best sources of contracting information for law firms, executives, federal officials, and more. :

1. GovConWire (GCW)

GovConWire is the premier source for news, blogs, and analysis of US government procurement processes. Jim Garrettson was the CEO and publisher of Executive Mosaic, which founded the website in 2008 to create a multimedia platform and exclusive forum for Washington’s top leaders in the federal contractor community.

It provides readers with insights into executive moves and actionable insights into how federal agencies source services and products from large corporations to small businesses. Also, it includes how much the federal government spends on contractsthe types of contracts awarded, the companies that have successfully obtained these government contracts, and mergers and acquisitions.

Additionally, it educates readers on what drives government spending and procurement activities across agencies. To receive its latest comprehensive coverage of federal procurement activities at all levels of government, you can subscribe to its e-newsletters here.

2. ExecutiveBiz (Ebiz)


Another website founded by Jim Garrettson in 2008, the ExecutiveBiz blog is enriched with regular publications dedicated to public procurement news as well as information on mergers and acquisitions activities, requirements before bidding on federal contracts, several lists of available grants, the federal budget, cybersecurity news, and other topics related to the world of contract administration and procurement.

Ebiz publishes daily news and articles covering expenses related to market trends and tips for taking the hassle out of using US government contract vehicles such as IDIQ, MAC, GSA Schedule, GWAC, BPA and reservations.

3. ExecutiveGovernor (eGov)

 Executive Government (eGov)

eGov is another website published by Jim Garrettson’s ExecutiveMosaic, founded in 2008 for Washington executives and forums. It’s a new, trusted source for current issues and topics facing federal government agencies, including health, information technology, cybersecurity, and Gov 2.0. It also covers the latest developments in contract administration and procurement, including recent contract awards and those due for renewal.

Additionally, eGov is an industry-specific resource, providing its readers with article information and daily updates via email newsletters. There are separate sections for breaking news on agencies such as the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, executives, technology, and more.

4. Potomac Officers Club (POC)

Potomac Officers Club (POC)

The Potomac Officers Club has been covering government procurement news since 2002 as a 501(c) 6 nonprofit organization benefiting the local business community. It is linked to the e-magazine, ExecutiveBiz, also found by Jim Garrettson, with Washington coverage unmatched in the industry.

Potomac officers regularly organize events and conferences to learn about contracting developments and trends, featuring government officials and leaders from the public and private sectors, including news on defense and intelligence, cybersecurity, federal civilian , space, etc.

5. Federal Information Network

Federal News Network

Federal News Network is an essential source for government contracts with media coverage that concerns and benefits federal contractors, policy makers, local communities and agency managers, such as contracts, employment, Congress, labor, labor and purchasing.

His primary focus is on defense, technology, compensation and benefits issues, and management. One of FNN’s podcasts is Radio Hubbardknown for its collection of “firsts” in fields such as advertising, journalism, entertainment, journalism, etc.

6. Space News


SpaceNews is an online daily focused on space industry business and politics. The website covers commercial space activities, federally sponsored missions, including NASA missions, and companies awarded by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). The site also features information on space exploration, development and technology.

7. Federal Time

federal time

The Federal Times was established in 1965 to provide important information to federal managers, congressional legislators and executive branch leaders. It is an excellent resource for employees seeking employment with the federal government.

It helps federal job seekers make informed career decisions by covering topics on benefits and policy changes, federal compensation, and more. Additionally, it covers military justice, procurement, national security, defense spending, homeland security, veterans affairs, and more.

8. American News

American News

Mortimer B. Zuckerman is the owner of US News. It is headquartered in Washington DC and has been in business for over 90 years. The website is resource-rich with sections covering news, law firms, real estate, health, and more where you can easily research the latest trends. Additionally, US News has a database full of information on government contracts and how much a company has received from contract awards.

9. Associated Press (AP) News

Associated Press News (AP)

AP is another major source of independent information unbiased by government and business. AP has been around since 1846 and remains a trusted source of timely, accurate news and provides coverage of services and technology benefiting news organizations. AP has expanded its reach and now operates in 250 locations worldwide.

10. Defense Post

The defense post

The Defense Post is a good source of information on federal contracts because it offers a wide range of articles on these topics, including analysis and public opinion. It also provides ongoing coverage of budgets and procurement issues. The Defense News Media Group publishes the Defense Post, an independent security and defense news outlet specializing in defense-related developments and reporting in the United States and around the world, particularly in Africa, South Asia and the United States. Middle East.

How to stay up to date in public markets?

If you want to be part of this industry, it is important to keep up to date with what is happening in the field of government contracts. Here’s how:

1. Monitor news sites where you can find information on government contracts. The best examples are mentioned above. They regularly release new posts that address these topics.

2. Follow social media accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter that provide real-time updates on current procurement-related events. Some of these accounts are from Twitter, including:

  • @diversegovcon
  • @Gov_Contracts
  • @WashingtonPTAC

Keep up to date with the latest happenings on federal contracts today

The importance of keeping up to date with government procurement trends and news cannot be overemphasized. Government procurement initiatives are also often announced at within the framework of contractual opportunities. Companies that are unaware of these events may miss opportunities to participate in these programs. It is therefore essential to have a repository of accessible resources.